How do I redo my MokManager authentication?

After an upgrade to my nvidia drivers I had to redo the MokManager authentication. I seemed to have messed this up and the driver is not properly installing.

How do I get the MokManager back to retry it? (It’s a real mess to dom and I’ve never managed to get it right first time, but it’s always given me a second chance before.)

Most simple is to reinstall the corresponding kernel package.

I was thinking someone would say that. Sorry for my ignorance, but what;s the easiest way to do this?

This obviously depends on how you installed these packages in the first place. Assuming you installed them from nVidiai repositories something like

zypper install --force nvidia-gfxG06-kmp-default

should do it. There should be option to reinstall in YaST GUI as well.

Thanks. I thought there might be a quick way using zipper. I just reinstalled the log way, as you were posting this, using Yast.

Hoiwever, I’m now stuck with MokManager in that it keeps telling me that my password is incorrect. How do I set a password or retrieve the correct one? MokManager seems designed to prevent anyone from actually using it and I can’t imagine how I got it to work previously.

Panic’s over. Or to be more accurate, panicking worked. I tried a whole host of likely passwords and my root password worked. A hint of this would make the manager more user friendly.

Two things that puzzle me, thought hey aren’t urgent.

The first is what the MokManager is, and why it’s needed.

The second is zipper. I’m quite happy with typing in whatever I’m told, but I don’t know enough about it to use it creatively. And I don’t believe I understand anything unless I can use it creatively. So a link to I somewhere that will help me get my head around it would be very useful, and would save a considerable amount of time of those multitudes who, on many occasions, take effort to explain to me what to type.

But thanks once again to arvidjaar.

It isn’t zipper, but zypper. And once you know that, it is easy to type

man zypper

to get an overwhelming amount of information.

“Zipper” was the result of predictive text (“May the inventor of predictive text burp in Hull!”), but the problem with man is that the information is in a format useful for reference but not for understanding. As youn say, the amount of information is overwhelming. I stare at it in incomprehension.

But thanks for responding.

These might be of value to help you gain a basic working knowledge of the zypper package manager…

Thanks! Well appreciated. :+1: