How do I reconfigure a package? (like dpkg-reconfigure does on debian based)

I come from linux mint, switched a few weeks ago. On mint I had ran a few commands that ended up adding keystrokes to type letters with accents.
For reference, here’s the specific forum post that helped me: [SOLVED] Is it possible to edit my layout to add a few letters? - Linux Mint Forums

sed is available on my system so I naively assumed I could just do the same thing. Then I realized it uses dpkg at the end and felt like a dummy.
So, how do I replace the last line?

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xkb-data

RPM does not have separate “configuration” step. RPM packages are non-interactive and cannot request input during installation.

You edit whatever configuration files would be changed by this invocation. Yes, you need to know these configuration files. If you describe what you are trying to do (not how), someone may suggest how to do it.

@trashpanda … I’m confused … didnt you just post that you’ve switched to another distro? Or is that a temp thing for a workaround ??

That’s my laptop. On which I installed artix.
I still happily use tumbleweed on my desktop and loving it.

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As to what I’m trying to do.
I have a keyboard with an American layout because I prefer where some buttons are placed.
I am italian and our language uses accented letters a lot, the following: èéùìòà
And since I’m in europe we use the euro symbol instead of dollar, €
I want to be able to bind altgr to a e i o u to output the accent version altgr+shift+e should give the other accent: é
and altgr+4 should give me the euro symbol €

But now what worries me is, since I did run tpart of the lines, specifically the following:

sudo sed -i \
-e '10s|.*|key<AE04>{[4,dollar,EuroSign]};|' \
-e '22s|.*|key<AD03>{[e,E,egrave,eacute]};|' \
-e '26s|.*|key<AD07>{[u,U,ugrave]};|' \
-e '27s|.*|key<AD08>{[i,I,igrave]};|' \
-e '28s|.*|key<AD09>{[o,O,ograve]};|' \
-e '33s|.*|key<AC01>{[a,A,agrave]};|' \
-e '55s|.*|key<BKSL>{[backslash,bar]};|' \
-e '56s|.*|include "level3(ralt_switch)"|' \
/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us \

will I have any issue? Is this just a minor oopsie or is this as bad as an oopsie daisy?

And why do not you use Italian keyboard layout?

That’s not really relevant but it’s because aside from having those extra letters the italian layout sucks and I find the english one far more comfortable.

The Italian (US) keyboard layout seems to include most of what you want (é is altgr+d).

zypper in -f <package> will force-reinstall the package, which is what you want to do to restore the files you modified in /usr/share.

Most files in the non-interactive installation will be replaced with their defaults, but some files, such as user editable configurations, will be kept, and an informational message such as “saving /path/to/foo as /path/to/foo.rpmnew” will be printed during the installation - if you encounter such, you will have to replace your user edited files with the .rpmnew ones to restore the defaults. Generally such files do not exist under /usr/share.

That’s not a layout I knew existed. I will look into it, thank you very much.

Thanks, this is good to know.

The only difference with your changes is Euro sign location - together with key 5. The only keyboard that has Euro on 4 is Icelandic.

Yeah I selected it and it’s wonderful, I wish I knew it was a thing before. Is this in every distro? I don’t remember finding it before.