How do I re run Automatic COnfiguration step of install

I have made two attempts to install OpenSUSE 11.0 via the internet install option. On each occasion I get to the Automatic configuration step and in the middle of this it somehow decides that it cannot access I retry this but it keeps failing so the only options left are Skip/ABort so I skip the step.

The first time this left X completley unconfigured so no X server would start. The second time X ran but without any Desktop manager. I read else where on a blog while looking for some help on this that it was possible to Re - Run the automatic configuration but it did not say how.

CAn anyone help me with this. It seems I have a fully downloaded installation but just some of the options like X are not setup because of this.



Hi Fergal,

I don’t know a way to call on the install script like you intend to do.

Probably all you need to do is run a couple of configurations. If you are still in console mode, make sure you are logged in as root, then run:

SuSEconfig (this should reset settings that might have been skipped)
sax2 -r (this will setup basic X configuration)

When this is done reboot and hopefully X is running with the correct DE.

You can check /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager to see which DE is set.

Hope that helps,

P.s. It’s possible also that no user account got created. For this, login as root and create the accounts manually using YaST > User and Group Mgmt. In YaST you can also check your Network, Hostname and other relevant configuration.

That seems to have done it. Thanks so much for your help Magic.