How do I nuke and reinstall printing on opensuse 15.0

Sometime at the start of October this year printing on my system failed. Every attempt to print fails with a filter error. This includes virtual pdf printers. I have tried zypper removing and reinstalling cups and cups-filters, only to make matters worse (now printing fails with unsupported document format errors).

What do I need to do to get cups into it’s fresh-as-installed state?



Look here:

So, roll back those tow ghostscript packages.

And when you look at the bug report ;linked to in the thread, you will see that a repair is on the way.

PS, As there is not much information about what you did to make things worse, I am afraid I can say not much on how to repair that. Maybe a forced installation of the packages you meddled with?

Thank you for responding to my post and pointing me to the link.
Everything seems back to normal now.