How Do I Move Widgets?

I am using openSUSE 15.3, with the KDE environment.

I do not like the current left-to-right sequence of widgets in the bottom panel and would like to rearrange some of them. I do not seem to be able to drag and drop them…

Right-click the panel -> Edit panel -> hover with the mouse over the widget that I want to move and drag it to its new place -> release the mouse button. The widget goes right back to its original place!

What’s the trick?? How do I unlock the panel widgets??

I found some postings dated 2019 where somebody was saying that KDE Plasma was buggy. But surely this has been fixed by now, right?

The panel widgets are unlocked, or you wouldn’t be able to access the “Edit Panel”. (There is no longer the need to explicitly lock/unlock widgets.)

Appears to work OK here on a Leap 15.2 (not yet upgraded to 15.3) and TW system.

What widget are you unable to move?

Edit: Afterthought… Have you a multi-screen setup?

Right now, I’d like to move the Thunderbird widget. But there are other widgets that I’d like to move if I can figure out how…
I am using only one screen.

Ah! Got me there, not sure exactly what you’re referring to :slight_smile:

In this case a picture may be worth a thousand words… To clarify, could you post a screenshot showing the items you wish to move. and post the link here.

I am using only one screen.

OK… that eliminates quite a few “widget in wrong place/wrong screen” bugs.

Here’s the screenshot that I posted on

Mine is a ridiculously basic task that for some reason I am not able to do…

OK… That’s an Application Launcher Icon on the Task Manager, (rather than a widget.)

First, right click on a vacant area of the Task Manager, then select “Configure”, check that “Sort” is set to “Manual”:

Then you can move the icons about simply by left click and drag on the icon, for example:

Initial state:


I like to set the Task Manager “do not group” flag too so I can park instances of the same program at different points, for example my working Konsole on the extreme left of the panel where it usually resides and an occasional casual instance for reading man pages on the right.

I prefer to reduce the default height and get rid of tool-tips also.

But I would like to know if it’s possible to easily clone a GUI?

That’s rather vague :wink: … perhaps you could elucidate.

Right-Click the default Panel → choose “setup the control panel” <Alt+D>|<Alt+S> → You should then be able to drag the System Tray and Digital Clock widgets to where ever …

I checked the settings as you suggested.
Here’s the weird thing: I am able to move some application launcher icons, but not others. For instance, I can move the Firefox icon but not the Thunderbird. I can move the Zoom icon but not Skype one. I also cannot move YaST, ksnip, Konsole…


OK, initially let’s just take Thunderbird for starters. With TB closed, right click on the TB icon and select “Unpin from Task Manager”. Now launch Thunderbird from the menu, it’s icon should appear at the far right of any existing entries, right click it’s icon and select “Pin to Task Manager”, now close Thunderbird and see if you’re able to move it’s icon.

More mystery… I have “Unpin from Task Manager” for the Firefox, Zoom, Dolphin launcher icons. But I do not have such entry for Thunderbird and other icons…

When I right-click the Thunderbird icon I get:

  • Properties
  • Add widgets…
  • Add panel
  • Edit panel…

Looks like the Thunderbird icon is sitting directly on the panel while the other icons are sitting in the Task Manger widget (which is then itself sitting on the panel). To move the Thunderbird icon right-click somewhere in the panel (not the Task Manager) and select “Edit panel”. It should then be possible to move the Thunderbird icon into the Task Manager widget. Alternatively, just delete the icon and then re-pin it to the Task Manager from the Application Launcher.

Your suggestion to delete the icon and then re-pin it to the Task Manager seems to have worked.
Thanks for your help.
I will mark this thread as solved.

Yes it is pretty vague… sorry about that Paul.

I really meant “clone a KDE Plasma GUI for a new, completely non-technical, user in one operation before handing the account over, instead of setting it up one parameter at a time using the configure-desktop utility”. What I had in mind was something similar to saving Firefox bookmarks by exporting them as in HTML format so they can be imported later.

David L.