How Do I Move My Sytem Panel?

I am using opensuse 12.1 with all current updates and somehow, while I was exploring/playing with it, the system tray/panel ended up on the top of the screen and I want it back down at the bottom.
How do I move it?

KDE or Gnome or something else?

In KDE unlock widgets (right click desktop and select unlock widgets)
You should see a almond shape on the bar click it this opens the controls.
Select screen edge and drag the bar to bottom

Lock widgets (reverse the first step so you don’t do things by accident)

Gnome I don’t know

LOL — thank you, that was just too easy

It does not matter that you ask easy questions (you will learn fast), but it does matter when you do not tell which desktop you are using, especialy in a question that is typicaly a desktop one.