How do I make the Location bar in Dolphin persist

I like to see the address in the location bar in Dolphin. I know I can get it to display by pressing Ctrl+l.

How do I make it so the default display (when I open Dolphin) includes the location bar?



Is it not in Prefs:
check Editable Location bar

settings > configure Dolphin > check “Editable location bar”

Thanks for the reply.
I think you mean that once Dolphin starts I should adjust something, but I can’t find “Prefs” and I can’t find “Editable Location bar” to check. Where are those?

configure dolphin
startup section

Yes start dolphin and it’s under settings

Thanks guys – Fixed.

It’s really interesting being a newbie at something again. Gives me a lost insight into how to answer questions again. And the thrill of discovery again is great, the tears of frustration, beaten children, wrecked TV sets and crockery, cowering neighbours – all of that stuff. rotfl!

I keep a current working copy of my .kde4 folder as backup
It’s easy to screw it up, or it was in the early days.
Just in case