How do i make my own iso

What is the best tool to make your own iso with?:expressionless:

isomaster from packman if you need a GUI

Of your own files? You can use k3b if you want a GUI, just tick Only Create Image.

that isomaster not working to install it.

is there any other links and how do you use isomaster?:slight_smile:

Explain - ‘Not working to install it’
Do you mean you can’t manage to install it?

What version of openSUSE are you using??


I would ken’s suggestion


Agreed. Equally as good.

What exactly are you trying to do?

The generic command to create an ISO image is this as far as I know…

mkisofs -o $OUTPUT.iso $INPUT

OPpensuse 11.1

Well the rpm is not work.

In K3B from the “Tools” menu at the top select “Copy CD” or “Copy DVD” depending on what you want to copy.

You will get a window with 3 tabs: Options, Image and Advanced.

At the “Options” tab, check the box “Only create image”.

At the “Image” tab you can select the location of where you want to save the image.

Hope this helps.