How do I make Deluge the default torrent client in 11.3 KDE 4.4

There in no “torrent client” listed under personal settings> default applications.

I don’t want the default Ktorrent I want Deluge as my client. Selecting a .torrent file launches Ktorrent. I do not want this action how do I change it?.

Go to System Settings/File Associations. Search, at the top, for ‘torrent’ and it will show application - x-bittorrent. Click on that and change application preference order to having deluge at the top. Deluge should then open when you click on a torrent file. You can remove ktorrent if you want.

When I try that everything becomes whited out. I do not get the results you stated.

Hello FlameBait,

You’re looking in the wrong sub menu.
You need to select the tab Advanced.
From there select “File Associations”.
Now search using the search bar at the top of the window.

Good luck!:wink:

I looked under file associations x bittorent and was able to change it.

Not where I would have looked x bittorent. Thannks for the reply.

There is no search bar on that tab. :0 but I found it just the same. I must have replied just after you posted :smiley:

What is that little line above known types???
A search bar maybe…

Now I am not asleep I see it. :smiley: