How do I know if chromium brower is using the chromium-pepper-flash?

The shockwave flash player crashes in chromium browser after playing music for an hour or two, so I discovered chromium-pepper-flash and installed it via zypper.
How do I know it is working or the default being used in chromium browser?

When playing flash content, right click on that content. The flash from adobe will give the version number. I don’t know what pepper-flash will do, but there’s probably a distinguishable difference.

Maybe I am missing some fundamental understanding because when I right click on this “pop-up” music player I just get the same menu as if I right clicked on a browser page. The message given in the crashing music player is “shockwave Flash has crashed”.

The situation has gotten much worse since I have installed the chromium-pepper-flash, after reboot it now crashes in minutes instead of hours. I will be uninstalling that pepper flash thing.

The site the player is on is Radio Paradise and select the “popup Audio Player” near the top.

In the chromium addressbar type in


Once on the plugin page look for something that will read like this:

**Adobe Flash Player**(2 files)- Version: 11.7.700.203Shockwave Flash 11.7 r700

If it reads that you haz pepperflash!

On 07/10/2013 03:46 AM, anika200 wrote:
> How do I know it is working or the default being used in chromium
> browser?

go to and see
the box that soon comes up labeled “Version Information”…today, in
it you will see either which is a non-Pepper Flash from
the openSUSE Update repo, or you will see something like 11.8.800.xx
(or maybe depending on what/where you grabbed)

look at the chart below the “Version Information” to know for sure.


If anyone has the time, can you please go to the radioparadise link above and open the popup audio player. Then can you please explain to me what it is or why in crashes the shockwave flash player in chromium?

It seems like it is HTML5 so why is it using flash or why can I not right click and get flash settings?

Sorry, this may not me strictly openSUSE related.

sorry, I can’t help with the flash problem. I listen to Radio Paradise from time to time but I usually use one of their better quality streams (192k ogg) and just copy the url into Amarok. Works flawlessly.

i went into about:config settings (address bar) and set plugins.click_to_play to true in SeaMonkey(Firefox cousin). This will prevent flash content from running.
I opened pop up player in Radio Paradise and it works. No flash involved.
something else is causing the browser to crash


WFM in both Chromium & Fx. In my setup though I have no extnsions. I know from my own experience with Fx that addons can cause problems. Perhaps, if you have extensions in your Chomium setup you could disable them all then see which one causes problems?

This is interesting because the popup audio player errors ( takes an hour or so, minutes with pepper-flash) displays a yellow banner across the top that says shockwave flash player has crashed.

I see a couple threads down from this one about some extensions being a problem, so maybe a combination of both is at work.

Thanks for confirming that it is an HTML5 type player. :slight_smile:

Good suggestion, I am going to try that next. I guess it would be an extension that is flash based.

Yea I do that too, but you can not rate songs and interact with the people there which I like to do from time to time.