How do I install?

How do I install any program (for instance, firefox) on opensuse? i downloaded the linux version from mozilla, but now what do i do?

First of all learn how to use Yast. It is the easiest way to install almost 99 percent of the programs you will need.

In yast got to software and software management.

But your in the right place for answers and do not stop asking


If you do not want to use the version of firefox which comes with OpenSuSE, you can download the package and save it somewhere like /home/‘username’/programs, or if you are root, you may want to place it in /usr/local.

Next, unpack the tarball (package type), with the following command.
tar -xjvf firefox-3.0.3.tar.bz2

You should end up with a folder called firefox. Go into the firefox directory and click on the firefox file or type ./firefox.

However, unless you are having trouble with the version which comes with opensuse, I’d suggest sticking with that.

2 things here should NEVER run Linux as root just use a normal user and get root permissions only when necessary.
SDB:Login as root - openSUSE

  1. it is always better to use the packages shipped with OpenSuse using the software management described by ve3ix.


Agreed, you should never login as root. However, if you want to su to root to install in /usr/local to make the installation globally available to all users, that is a viable option.

I also agree it is best to use the versions which come with OpenSuSE.

In YaST software management the pane at the lower right has several tabs the default view being “description”, if you select the “versions tab” depending on the repositories you have activated you can select different versions.

With Firefox for example if you activate the Mozilla repo you can install the latest releases.