How Do I install VirtualBox Extension Pack

I’m using OpenSUSE 13.1. I have installed the current virtualbox - 4.2.28_OSE. I have sound, cd, and floppys working.I have downloaded the Extension Pack for 4.2.28 but can’t for the life of me get it to install. What do I have to do to install it?

This question has been asked before but none of the suggestions seemed to work.

Thanks, Bob.

Start VirtualBox, choose File->Global Options from the menu.
Then click on “Extension Packs” on the left side, click on the “Add” icon on the right side, and choose your downloaded Pack in the file selection dialog.

Btw, this is no different whether you use VirtualBox from or the included one in openSUSE…

Thanks for commenting. However, when I open VirtualBox there is no such option as Global Option.

All there is under File is Virtual Media Manager, Import Appliance, Export Appliance, Preferences and Exit.

Ok, in english it is “Preferences”. Sorry, I’m running in german here and was re-translating back.

It would be File->Preferences->Extensions then.

I hope you can work it out, I have to go to sleep now…

Yes, it was. I just came back on to let you know that I had managed to install it by going to preferences, extensions, and I got it to install. Thanks. Your prodding me to look for Global Options led me to look at preferences, and there it was. Danke.