How do I install the password manager 'pass' on openSUSE Tumbleweed?

pass is a small app that’s been around for ages. I would like to install it on Tumbleweed KDE but cannot find it

Did you try?

sudo zypper install password-store

Some tricks to help you find things like that.

Search for a package containing a command:

cnf pass

Search for a package that contains something:

zypper search --provides /bin/path

Thanks!! I was able to install password-store. It was just ‘pass’ on the arch-based system I was using. Very useful tricks you provided too!

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Apropos KWallet – does “pass” offer more and/or better functionality?
Does “pass” integrate into KDE Plasma?

I would doubt that it does, @dcurtisfra. I’ve used pass for years in conjunction with tintin++ logins only.


Please be aware that, AFAICS, the only sane and sensible method for most humans who wish to enjoy the no-hassles integration of KDE Plasma to WLAN access and, to PIM access to e-Mail accounts and, the direct reporting of crash-dumps via DrKonqi is, to use KWallet …

@dcurtisfra pass can be used to complement kwallet. It doesn’t need to a replacement for it.

You can use kwallet or some other store to store the types of generic secrets you are referring to and use a different password manager(Such as pass) to track your user logins.


AFAICS the differences between KWallet and (UNIX®) pass are:

  1. KWallet is GUI oriented (kwallet-query is a CLI tool) – pass is CLI only.
  2. pass has a GPG encrypted file per password – KWallet has either a GPG encrypted or, a Blowfish encrypted, file per password wallet.

Possibly, there’s a discussion in the KDE Plasma community as to the advantages and disadvantages of the “file-per-wallet” versus the “file-per-password” strategy …

I am not sure that is really the issue here.

I could compare the technical differences between vim and kate if I chose to. However, that has nothing to do with which one I prefer to use. Further, in my case, I like using both those applications for different use cases.

It is the same with pass and kwallet. It is about which tool you prefer using. However, you don’t have to choose one over the other. If you want to, you can use them both for different use cases.