How do I install Suse on a CD/DVD

Hello. I’d like to install openSUSE 11 on a CD. It would be a very cut down version with a small window manager like TWM or perhaps just the command line. But anyway, how do I create a custom install of a working Suse on a CD/DVD (like the live dvd of Suse but much smaller)?


So what you really want is a light version of the Live CD? Perhaps you can use the build configs for the Live CD and cut it down? I believe the OBS can also build CD images.

Thanks ken_yap.

Yes I want a light version of the Suse CD (in KDE3.5 or maybe Gnome). But I want also to be able to install some apps in it like partimage and scripts in it to drive the apps before the CD is written.

I’m a newb at this – more please on the “build configs for the live cd” point to links perhaps, where I can start. I’ll go and cruise the OBS and see what’s there too.

I’ve never done it myself at OBS, though I put together CD images way back in the past. It just makes sense that it would all be controlled by config files and I believe one of their first products using the image build system is the Kiwi-LTSP project. So I’d be interested in what you find out.

There’s a GUI front end to KIWI in Yast → Miscellaneous → Image Creator. But I must be missing something because my intuition takes me through but it ends in like this error: “Creation Failed”

Meantime I’ll goto OBS