How do I install recordmydesktop?

Cause I can’t figure it out.:frowning:

Add Packman if you haven’t already
It’s in that repo
The Yast Software Management and search for it and add

Additional Package Repositories - openSUSE

How do you add pacman?

Repository Management - openSUSE Forums

got it working thanks!!!:):):slight_smile:

No sound,grr

Odd, as i get sound in it after record.
Did you edit your sound settings?
What version of openSUSE are you using?
KDE or Gnome?

kde,no I did not mess with the sound.

You may want to open up the mixer applet, and mess around with sound channels.
Wait a few minutes, I have to eat and I will give a tutorial.

Alright sorry for the wait anyhow I want you to right click the volume icon in your panel (the taskbar) and select “show mixer window”
go to settings and select “configure channels”
a window will pop up, this will give you access to extra audio channels you might need.
Now your audio setup might be different then mine but I suggest you enable the following channels if they are not enabled already, to enable them just click on the boxes on the left side of the name of the channel:

Front Mic

That should cover most of the audio channels you might need, capture is very important as is front and side mic…
at least thats how it works on my machine
Not sure any of this will work for you so experimentation is key.

okokokok.I figuredit out.I had to mess thith the freanquency a bit.