How do I install oSS on my Nexus 10 tablet?

Is it possible?

I’ve seen some Android apps that allow you to install certain linux distros in chroot mode. Unfortunately oSS is not supported yet.

I wonder if it’s doable to have dual boot with Android. Of course my tablet has already been unlocked and rooted.

What is oSS?

So openSUSE doesn’t have a brief name like oSS? I thought I saw it somewhere.

I understand the abbreviation oss as “open source software”. Formerly it was also used as “open sound system”, but this is long gone and replaced by alsa.

I have sometimes seen oS, but it is easy to confuse it with OS (Open Source, or Operating System). Al this lazy typing will most of the time not make things any more clear.

And yes there is (was?) OSS.

On 03/10/2013 07:56 PM, hcvv wrote:
> And yes there is (was?) OSS.

OSS became the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)…


You can search OSS in google and you can make this thread even longer.


Taking a few seconds to explore this possibility…

A quick Google returns the current Nexus 10 processor is the ARM Cortex a15,
Which then led me to this current openSUSE experimental build

So, if you want to really be 'way past the bleeding edge into “who knows whether it’ll work?” domain…

I’d recommend
-You first run a test in QEMU-KVM (assuming you don’t have or want to invest in an Arndale board).

  • Notice the “Known issues” – And IMO “Video is unstested” is probably only touching on possible device issues… Who knows what other kind of device issues might exist? Remember the hardware commonly used and available in a mobile device is <very> different than the hardware typically found in Desktops and Servers so one can only speculate how good Linux kernel support is for mobile hardware. You may find that a number of systems may require building your own device drivers (if the code is even available).

But, the simple tests I’ve run for fun with openSUSE ARM running in a chroot (modified x64 kernel to emulate ARM) have worked without any issues so far… in a non-graphical environment.

If you’re successful, be sure to blog and tweet about it. I’m sure you’d get a lot of interest.


> You can search OSS in google and you can make this thread even longer.

the poster who didn’t have time to type openSUSE and instead typed
OSS (which no one here knew what it was) was the thread extender.

but, it does happen all the time…there was a poster last week
using M1 and M2 to mean a surprising thing…