How do I install On External Hard Drive HDD?

How do I install On External Hard Drive HDD? Without installing on Internal…
I have Intel Core 2 Duo, Nvidia Graphic Card"Ge force 8600M GT 256MB"
I have a Vista Sp1 laptop but gonna install Open SUSE 11.0 on external hdd for fun :slight_smile:

Hi Rukasuzu,

Have a look at these two pages :
Installing SuSE on External USB Drive - openSUSE
How to Install SUSE to a USB Hard Drive | USB Pen Drive Linux

Good luck & enjoy, :slight_smile:

ps. Just to add as a note (for those wanting to try that), booting from a usb disk is different than booting form a usb memory stick, that means you need to install a little bit differently. The penfrivelinux site also has an article on that and there are some pages in the site archives with good hints and tips , like this one : Making Opensuse 11.0 Live Usb From Windows - openSUSE Forums

I downloaded the installer, and it says 76.5MB
After the link on the website it says its 4.3 gb?
Maybe I did something wrong? I am gonna download it again hopefully it helps!
By the way Thank you for the quick reply

Ok So for Windws Xp ready laptop the map is /dev/sda,dev/sdb
What is the map if you have Vista then?

The map will probably be the same, /dev/sda is your first drive & after plugging in the external usb drive you will get the /dev/sdb

You can retrieve the drive names by opening a terminal console, switching to root with ’ su - ’ and running ’ fdisk -l '. This last command will list the partitions and disk names.

I would suggest to first have a good read though the pages I linked to so you have a good idea how it should work. The Portable SUSE project also looks interesting (there is a reference on the first page for it) although I haven’t tried that yet and it looks as they are still developing it.

What installer download do you mean? The openSUSE install DVD or something else?

Yes It is the same :slight_smile:

Can I install Opensue on pendrivelinux from windows?

I have exactly the same setup (see windows xp partition totally destroyed by xen/virtualization - openSUSE Forums)
and I did not do anything special. All I did was:

  1. download the ISO image openSUSE-11.0-KDE4-LiveCD-i386.iso from, *]burnt the image to a CD. This is your installation media.
  2. plug-in the external hard-drive to my pc/laptop and then boot the system from the CD created earlier.
  3. Once it boots up, it gives you the option of installing the OS (click on the relevant desktop icon). Once you choose to install it, you can select which hard drive to install it on.