How do I install new themes into XFCE?

I just downloaded my first new theme from the website. I’m wondering, however, why this theme is packaged as a ZIP and not a tarball, and why when I drag the archive’s icon onto the list of styles in XFCE’s appearance window in its settings manager, it doesn’t do anything. Tried unZIPping the theme and converting it back to a tarball and that didn’t work. Any ideas out there?

Like this:

You go back to the website where you downloaded it from, you click on the link that gives you the description of the theme and the download link, such as this one for “phlat”:

On that page, if you hover above the title of the theme (in this case, near the top of the white part of the screen, right below the blue XFCE banner, you will see “phlat”) you will see there is a link to install instructions, in this case:

Also, on that first page, you will see a comments section, where you can see what comments or suggestions have been made, can be usefull to go through those, or maybe even ask any additional questions there.

For this particular example,
You can click on “Files” under the screenshot and you’ll find a SUSE RPM (which should work for openSUSE).

No need to visit the instructions for manually installing although that might still be useful for configuring.
Just D/L and then use zypper or Yast to install the RPM.


… indeed, but the OP does not mention any information about what themes, etc., so I was trying to give a generic example that would cover themes without an rpm, and so on.

But, I am glad you mentioned that, just the same, thanks.