How do I install Gnome Desktop without the application suite?

How do I install the Gnome Desktop without all of the applications that installing a desktop usually comes with? I would like to try out Gnome, (haven’t tried since Gnome 3) but I don’t want all of the extra applications that it comes with. I already have the applications I need with the KDE Plasma Desktop.


Use Yast Software Management. Select the “Patterns” view. It has three patterns for Gnome.

The second pattern has a “W” on the icon. That’s for Wayland. The third pattern has an “X”, and that’s for X11. The first pattern has neither, only only installs the basic part. I’m not sure whether that will install enough to give you a real feel of Gnome, but it would a starting point for what you want.

I am not aware of a list of these. nor of another definition to specify them. So please explain what the criteria are to find out if an application fits into your specification.

I didn’t want to take the time to use a virtual machine to find out what default applications are installed with each desktop (Gnome 42 and KDE Plasma) so I’ll just give one example. If I were to install the default full Gnome desktop it would install a text editor called Gedit. If I already have the text editor Kate then I wouldn’t need Gedit. In the past I’ve tried to install a second desktop environment and remove the redundant applications, but when I would try it would just want to uninstall the full secondary desktop environment I had just installed.

Thank you, this has worked. I kept trying to find it in zypper in the terminal. I didn’t realize this was in Yast. Everything works, just had to also install the Gnome network manager and applet extensions.

Just one more question I have, in the Plasma desktop, how can I set the gamma to apply every time I boot my PC and login? I have an Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb GPU and by default the gamma is too high, whenever I set it either in System Settings and try to save it errors out. I think it’s a bug. It doesn’t stick between boots and it doesn’t stick between boots if I set it in the Nvidia Control Panel either. I haven’t been able to find a solution by searching on the web either. Should I make a new thread?

Still the same problem. openSUSE can not read minds. Thus it has no idea what you think about a program that you may see as a superfluous editor, or otherwise not wanted. It is only you that can make those sort of decissions, even we can not. So IMHO there is no way to tell YaST/zypper on how to do what you want except by working on the individual packages.

A complete different question that is not covered at all by the title of this thread. When you want to draw the attention of people that know something about monitor gamma (and those may be others then those that attended here), then better start a new thread with an appropriate title.

I wasn’t aware of the, “Patterns” value in YaST. I appreciate your help. I’ve since learned a lot more from when I first posted. Thank you for your help and your reply.

I didn’t know that I should have installed the server version through the SUSE installer and build and select packages I want from there, or similar to an Arch install (I’ve never used Arch) I can install SUSE server with a minimal amount of packages and pick and select what I want and configure from the TTY CLI post install. I understand this now. Thank you.

I taught myself how to create an xorg.conf file and place it in it’s correct location. Some settings like vsync with resolution and refresh rate with resolution have to be input manually into the xorg.conf file and placed in the correct location /etc/X11/xorg.conf. (Using nVidia.)

Thank you.

Thank you. I appreciate your help, I wasn’t aware of the “Patterns” value in YaST.

To add, you can take out the application you don’t want to be installed in Yast2
before installing gnome or any other DE.