How do I install cairo-dock on opensuse?

I need help installing cairo dock, I have followed the installation guide on the website but can’t seem to get it to work, I get an error saying I need libpangox, but can’t find that library on the repos. Any help would be great. I don’t really know what I’m doing with this so sorry if I’m a bit stupid. I’m on opensuse tumbleweed btw.

Here is the error message when I run “cairo-dock”: cairo-dock: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Which Desktop Environment are you using - KDE? GNOME? Xfce?
Something else ?

The problem is that cairo-dock is unmaintained and dead since 8 years (last release is from 2015). That means it is incompatible with modern and actual operating systems and depends on no longer available libraries like
So trying to install it on openSUSE is pointless.

Which are the alternatives of cairo-dock in openSUSE?

cairo-dock was never distributed within openSUSE. Packman had it once but removed it years ago. A simple google-search shows some alternatives for openSUSE:

latte-dock (OSS and KDE-Extra)
plank (OSS)
docky (Gnome Apps)
tint2 (OSS)

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I use Latte … and have for a long time (as with TW :+1:) … native for KDE Plasma, dependable, pleasing, easy to use, lots of configuration options (maybe too many :slightly_smiling_face:).

Latte Dock has unfortunately been abandoned by its developer

Old news

However … it’s still worth it for the features and customizability … for me, it works on all the disparate desktops and laptops around here.

And it’s in the repo …


No recommendation?

Plank used to work well in tumbleweed. I haven’t use it for a while. It’s pretty, simple and easy to configure.

I’m using KDEplasma.

Yeah, I use Latte-dock, it’s only I wanted the reflection and I couldn’t find how to do that on latte-dock.

On the cairo-dock website it shows a method that seems to work, at least I installed it successfully, just can’t run.
I’ll try these out though thanks.

Ah thanks, guess I’ll look for an alternative :+1: