How do I install an operating system on a LaCie 1394 drive to be booted on another computer?

Assume I am working in openSUSE Leap 15.5, which I am. My task: To install UBUNTU 5.04 ppc on my LaCie firewire hard drive to boot up on my 700mhz imac G4. I have the install disk ready on my DVD and my imac is willing to erase Macos Tiger for Ubuntu, but I don’t want to erase Tiger. I want to boot into Ubuntu 5.04 through the LaCie. So, using openSUSE Leap 15.5, how do I install Ubuntu 5.04 onto the LaCie firewire drive to boot up UBUNTU 5.04 on my imac G4?

You can try the following,

You need your FireWire drive and an installation media.
Ventoy need secure boot deactivated, so need
Suse Studio image writer

to save the iso to a USB stick/DVD live image

Then plug both drives into the mac,

You press the option button on your keyboard while the iMac turns on and you will see a EFI image / drive selection, select the USB (live) stick and boot it (into love)

During partition choose the fierewire drive and partition according to your needs.
1GB EFI partition,
Further if your want to separate partitions
min 50GB for. /
10GB for /swap
The rest for /home

As boot loader be sure to check installation to the firewire drive

Select your software and install.

Linux may make Linux default.
After restart Press and hold option key on your keyboard to get into the Mac boot menu and, chose the drive your want to start from

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I could not find Suse Studio image writer available to Leap 15.04

Yep. It is important to check program names before recommending them.
The tool is simply called imagewriter

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SUSE Studio Imagewriter
Graphical image writer application

Developed at SUSE:SUSEStudio
Download package
Checkout Package
Create Badge

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But on a second thought, use Rufus instead it actually might work better.

SDB:Create a Live USB stick using Windows - openSUSE Wiki

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And the package name is still only called imagewriter. You can’t install SUSE Studio Imagewriter with zypper or any other graphical tool in this way, because SUSE Studio Imagewriter is only the title of the real package imagewriter. Thats some basics that are easily to see when you read yourself the OBS site you linked…

A package title (long description) and package name (installable via zypper) are different things…

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Thanks for the instructions. I am still having trouble installing ubuntu 5.04 ppc on a usb card or a firewire drive with my imac g4. I got through the whole process, but then the installer refused to load the bootloader. I tried the boot repair disk, but it didn’t work. I got frustrated and just put the whole task aside for a while. I’m ready to try again. Is there a way to install the system on a usb drive without using the mac at all, then choosing to boot from the usb drive on the mac after it’s installed by SUSE?