How do I get TV to work?

I am relatively NEW to Linux and do not quite know how some things work & lots of Linux jargon.

I just installed Suse Linux 11 on my PC. On another partition, I have Windows XP Prof. There an installed satellite TV Card (TechniSat SkyStar 2 TV PCI [0002/4094]) works, with driver & software from the same firm.

since lots of stuff works/looks different(ly), I dont see how to get this to work on Linux.
I think somewhere under Yast, I saw the TV card identified. The software & driver as much as I know are only for Windows.

Please kindly explain to me EVERYTHING I need to do to get it to work under Suse Linux 11.
As said, I am new to Linux & so dont know much about the commands.

Secondly, I tried to play a video clip I recorded from the TV under windows under Linux. It could not be played because of missing MPEG2 codecs. For Windows I know where to get free codecs. Where do I get them for Suse Linux 11 and HOW and WHERE do I insert them to play MPEG2" videos. I guess the same codecs are needed to get the TV to work as under Windows … In that case, I just downloaded & installed them …

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Suse Linux 11.0 looks to be a great product and if only I get such stuff like TV to work … :cool:

I am also one of the newbie’s to 11.0;) So this is a post you should take with care.

Try reading some the fix’ed posts under “Install/boot…”, specially from “oldcpu”.

This is not like Windows XP! Not to scare you, but you have to read a lot.

First of all, opensuse only contains open software. This means several things are not included, but can be found. Try this one:

Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community

Before that is done, I dont think you can work with your medias from Windows.

First step with your TV-card is to look in:

Yast -> Hardware -> TV card

If you can see your card, I think the kernel can handle. Try to configure it just choice default-values. I dont know if it is analog or dvbt, but try kdetv (if you use KDE) to analog and kafein-player for dvbt.

Post again if you get any further:)