How do I get to sleep in the user interface, while

I can get the computer to sleep while logged , but after the session log out I do not know how to do this in the user interface.I would appreciate if you could help.

Hello, welcome here.

Can you please provide some basic iinformation when you ask for help? Like version of openSUSE and the desktop you are using (KDE, Gnome, …).

You mean at the login screen?

That’s not possible, unfortunately, at least not with kdm.
You could switch to text mode and run “systemctl suspend” though.

I’m sorry I forgot to give details. I’m using SuSE 13.1 and KDE desktop.
I’m doing this operation the user is active. While the user is not active would be great if I could.

Thanks for the info. BTW it is openSUSE (as you can see in the name of the forums, on the screen before you when booting, etc.) and not SuSE.

Maybe it is possible what you want, but I fail to see the use for it. When the user is loged in, he may have all sorts of applications oopen, etc. Then I can understand you want to hibernate and on restarting hope to find all those things were they were when you left them.

But when there is no login, there is just the login screen. And shutdown/boot from such a point will be almost as fast as hibernate/wakeup. What is the gain?

Sorry for SuSE. openSUSE should have been and thanks for all.

Two people are using the computer. When two users simultaneously active, the computer is forced.

For example, two users active and WirtulaBox opens, most of the time VirtualBox does not respond but that does not happen when a user is active.

I think that could be the following. The user log off the session, that way it takes to fall asleep …
It is true that, from the login screen to turn on the session than it takes some time but the is short from boot.

Until now you did not inform us of the usage of VirtualBox. Do you have more of those surprises?

The fact that we had to ask for even basic information like openSUSE version, should have triggered you into telling more about your situation. We are not clairvoyant. How do you think we ever can give advice when we have no idea about the environment and situation you are working in?