How do I get my wireless settings to stick

After upgrading my tv, phone and internet service I was forced to use a
wireless connection on my desktop to access the internet. I finally
managed to get set up after locating and compiling the appropriate driver
software and accessed the internet after configuring the network setup
using wicked. Unfortunately the setup doesn’t stick and I find myself
having to go through the manual setup each time I start up my computer.
Would someone please advise me on what to do.

Also I found that after setting up the network connection using wicked I
could not change over to network manager always getting an error message
that there was no network connection. Any help on this would also be
greatly appreciated.


For others to help you, you need to post exactly what you did in detail, and the exact result (especially the error returned if possible).

Typically, you should always also describe your openSUSE version and Desktop, although I see by your reference you are likely running 13.2 (but no idea what Desktop).

Colloquial descriptions like “settings don’t stick” aren’t sufficient, you need to describe for instance how a working configuration is terminated, then whether your machine is rebooted or simply logged off (or neither) before re-attempting a connection.

You also need to describe what you attempted to do to troubleshoot, for instance if you’re setting up using wicked, did you set up originally in YAST, and did you re-inspect your settings in YAST?

Additionally, wireless connections are 2-step… There is an initial wireless connection which must be established before an IP network configuration is setup. Is your problem with the first step or the second?