How do I get Kaffeine to display live traffic cam?

In Firefox I click on a traffic web cam site:
Caltrans :: Live Traffic Cameras which downloads a .asx file that plays a .asf stream

I select from a choice of web cams and kaffeine loads only the .asx but not the streaming image.

I am using kaffeine 1.2.2 running on opensuse 12.2
I did the one-click update.
How can I get kaffeine to work with the web cams at the above site?

Thanks, Jon

If you have not done so already, you need to install Totem from the YaST Software Management Application. When you search for totem and select the main file, many other applications (at least eight I think, but perhaps more) will get installed and that is alright. Normally, if you use GNOME you will get it automatically, but not if you load only KDE. The Totem program once installed is just called Movie Player and it can be selected in Firefox if you elect to download the movie file. I have a bash script that can be used to check your multimedia setup that you can find here:

MMCHECK - Version 2.45 - Check Your Multimedia in 16 Steps - Bash Script File - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

And Suggest you always read this article as well:

Now the link you provided did not readily show me a link for a video stream, but only fixed pictures to see, but if you really know how this page works, you will want to use Totem for the live stream. Once you have the right stuff loaded, have a look at this link:

World War Z - Movie Trailers - iTunes (The base site is: iTunes Movie Trailers)

And play the video that you see there. The base site provides access to all of the movie trailers that are posted there and will play just find when Totem is loaded.

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I neglected to mention that I am using KDE desktop. Sorry.

In Yast I am presented with many choices for totem and all of the choices are for Gnome.

I just want to be certain that with KDE I should install totem and totem-browser-plugin

Regarding the comment about the stream. On my wife’s WinXP using windows media player and choosing, for example “80 atTruckee” I see streaming video of the traffic. I also note some of the choices return nothing so I guess those cameras don’t work.

I still need to digest the rest of the info you sent but wanted to make sure totem should be installed on KDE.

thanks, Jon


The article you suggested did the trick for me!! Very, very nice.

Thanks once again for your help
Rgds, Jon

You are very welcome and more than happy to be of help.

Thank You,