How do I get hoopla to play audio with opensuse?

How do I play hoopla audio with opensuse 42.3?

I have amarok working fine with mp3 and have the opensuse oneclick packman package installed. I’m using opensuse 42.3 with an HP G62 laptop.

Thanks, Bob

What is hoopla. There is no such package in the distro. If you got it from a 3rd party website, please find support there. We already serve thousands of packages, and support them, but we cannot support stuff we don’t know about.

google says hoopla is a streaming web service so I’m guessing this is a firefox/chromium issue
using the 1 click installer is not enough you need to do a full vendor change with packman
what is your repo list

zypper lr -d

you need to do

zypper dup --from <insert packman alias here>