how do I forwarding port in ktorrent

I have ktorrent installed and I am using a Cisco wrt54gl router , I have no problems when I am using windows portforwarding but I am not sure whats going on in Opensuse.
I used whereis ifconfig to find ifconfig and then I /sbin/ifconfig which gave me my internal ip. I then forwarded the port using that ip but it seems that the port isn’t actually forwarded according to the Revolution torrent site

you need to add the port/s you are using tcp and or udp in the firewall.

Yast - Security - Firewall
Allowed Services - Advanced
add the port number in the relevant place

configure your router - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall

This might be worth a read:
HowTo Configure (K)torrent through a Router and Firewall protecting a Home Lan [Linux]

And in addition let TCP 6881 and UDP 4444 through SuSEfirewall2 —> Link to HowTo

When I follow the instructions listed in the highlighter we address I lose my connection

Can you explain that more fully, I don’t understand?

ok I go to this website HowTo Configure (K)torrent through a Router and Firewall protecting a Home Lan [Linux] and follow the instructions on how to " Change the computer that uses Ktorrent to Fixed IP addressing" and I lose my connection I have to change from static ip back to DHCP so I can have acess to the internet

OK thanks for that. You probably missed something in the configuration for a fixed OP. A fixed IP generally/often needs you to additionally configure in the I.P. address of your gateway and the I.P> addresses of the Name Servers provided by your ISP.

Take a look at this: HowTo Configure a network card in Suse/openSUSE 10, 11 for LAN and Internet Access.
and have a look at Pics number 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 and 9

I went over those instructions and even tried them but the result is the same, I lose my connection to the internet. I know that it is something that I am doing but I just cannot figure it out what it is… the only thing that I cannot do is Activate/check “Change /etc/resolv.conf manually” for some reason it is grayed out

Are you using a router?
What version of Ssue are you using?

The OP said:

Cisco wrt54gl router

I agree with swerdna, you must be missing something. All you have to do is open the ports in the firewall. And the same in your router.
I supplied a link to help with router because we don’t know the setup of ALL router, and that link should give you a step by step guide.
In my router it is in a section ‘Firewall Rules’ and ‘Services’

‘Services’: Is where you add the service name (ktorrent) and port number and whether tcp/udp or both

‘Firewall Rules’: Here you add the service you just set up in services (ktorrent) and assign rules. For me it’s ALLOW ALWAYS with my IP address on the LAN!!! (Make sure you are adding the LAN IP not your Internet IP)
All rules must come before any default rules in each section In and Out

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I must be missing something I am just not to sure of what that is.
when I goto Yast2 security firewall configuation there is n’t any options for me to choose which software to use,. The firewall conf only has these options Startup,Interfaces,allowed services which only has options like demiliterized/External/Internal Zones and a list of services. then there is Masquerading , Broadcast, Ipsec support, Logging level, and custom rules. Now in custom rules I looked and you only can change the firewall levels and add a rule which only has source Network and Destination and source ports I am not sure how to set it up in there.
on my Router I am using Tomato if that helps out any but I am very sure that I have that setup right I am trying to forward the port 64009 for Ktorrent . I am not sure if it is actually working because iam not sure how to test it now

Let me reiterate what was on the link I gave you for opening ports for KTorrent; it might be hard read there: To open TCP port 6881 and UDP port 4444 do this in Yast:
Yast → system → etc/sysconfig editor → network → firewall → SuSEfirewall2 → there’s a bunch of things in the left hand column.
Find this: “FW_SERVICES_EXT_TCP” and add 6881 on the RHS
Find this :“FW_SERVICES_EXT_UDP” and add 4444 on the RHS

I see swerdna you have blinking eyes now!!rotfl! It’s blinking ‘yikes’.


Follow swerdna’s way to the firewall settings, you Might find it easier than:

Yast - Security & Users - Firewall - Allowed services - Advanced button

And finally, what version of Suse?

and just what does this mean?

on my Router I am using **Tomato **if that helps out any but I am very sure that I have that setup right I am trying to forward the port 64009 for Ktorrent

This is a torrent app for MAC’s isn’t it?

I don’t use and never have used those lower ports .
the link you just gave me is this

The requested operation could not be completed
Unknown Host
Details of the Request:
Protocol: http
Date and Time: Wednesday 26 November 2008 10:42
Additional Information: Unknown error
An unknown host error indicates that the server with the requested name,, could not be located on the Internet.
Possible Causes:
The name that you typed,, may not exist: it may be incorrectly typed.
There may have been a problem with your network connection.
There may have been a problem with your network configuration. If you have been accessing the Internet with no problems recently, this is unlikely.
Possible Solutions:
Check your network connection status.
Contact your appropriate computer support system, whether the system administrator, or technical support group for further assistance.

I am using Suse 11( newest Version) 64bit

This port forwarding is simple stuff. Are you still struggling??

Where are you up to?

Port ForwardingOn Proto Src Address Ext Ports Int Port Int Address Description
On Both 64009 Ktorrent
UDP 1000,2000 ex: 1000 and 2000
Both 1000-2000,3000 ex: 1000 to 2000, and 3000
Both 1000-2000 ex: 1000 to 2000, restricted
TCP 1000 2000 ex: different internal port
On Both 64009 64009 utor1
On Both 8085
On Both 8086
On Both 4444 4444
On Both 49170 49170

Src Address (optional) - Forward only if from this address. Ex: “”, “ -”, “”.
Ext Ports - The ports to be forwarded, as seen from the WAN. Ex: “2345”, “200,300”, “200-300,400”.
Int Port (optional) - The destination port inside the LAN. If blank, the destination port is the same as Ext Ports. Only one port per entry is supported when forwarding to a different internal port.
Int Address - The destination address inside the LAN.

ok I copy and pasted my router info on the port forward page and as far as I can see the ports are forwarded correctly but it doesn’t seem to be working

Link is broken – maintenance required. Maybe a quote:

Letting BitTorrent Through openSUSE’s Firewall (SuSEfirewall2)

You must configure SuSEfirewall2 to allow passage on UDP port 4444 and TCP port 6881. Open Yast → System → /etc/Sysconfig editor → Network → Firewall → SuSEfirewall2. Two panels will open up. The left panel shows all the options available for messing with in SuSEfirewall2 and the right panel shows the settings currently in play for each left-panel option.

TCP port: on the left locate and select/highlight the option “FW_SERVICES_EXT_TCP”. Add the value 6881 to the entries (if any) on the right panel.

UDP port: on the left locate and select/highlight the option “FW_SERVICES_EXT_UDP”. Add the value 4444 to the entries (if any) on the right panel.

You seem to be using non standard ports. I wasn’t aware that KTorrent could use non standard ports (but there’s very much that I don’t know). So you would need to adjust the text above to suit those ports, unless you are using a firewall different from SuSEfirewall2 in which case ignore all of the above. You should check in KTorrent configuration to see which ports are listed there. Like in this Pic: Screenshot of ports

I do have the correct ports set in Ktorrent and I actually turned off SuSEfirewall2 to see if that made any difference and it didn’t.
oh crap I just remembered ( not sure if this has anything to do with it or not) I did add this IPLIST which I found in this post hereIPLIST : “Peerguardian Linux” - Must have for p2p! - openSUSE Forums if this is the problem then how do I make it work. also if this is the problem I appologise for not remembering this until now