How do I fix this

first of all im a linux noob, having said that.

heres the story, when running warcraft (war2combat) under wine, the game overall moves very sluggish, and the more units that come to play the more slow it turns out. (this is a 13year old dos game for those who dont know what this is)

I had this problem with ubuntu, so i migrated to a slackware
based distro…

game runs perfect at slackware, (but i cant use slackware as my main OS cuz its not a noob friendly os) even without having to set up any graphic driver…

so i downloaded opensuse
I installed opensuse gnome live cd.
then i installed my nvidia 6800 drivers from nvidia.
then i installed wine via yast
then installed Warcraft 2 (war2combat) via wine

I have disabled desktop effects, the game still runs sluggishly slow and retarded.

help,any ideas?

I have extremely bad performance with all games in Wine as well (Sapphire radeon x850xt). Max Payne 1 for example runs at like 0.5 fps :(.
Btw, Warcraft 2, ahh the good ol days. I still have the install CD here with the expansion, great game.

but it works fine at slackware :\

i just want this game to work in linux so i can start migrating from windows to linux

but slackware is not an alternative, it does work but that os is very hard to do any task like installing a driver or stuff…

btw, you can download warcraft2 combat and play for free,

you can download this war2combat file and be ready to play without any cds, cdkeys, and it only takes 11mb.

Oh nice, thanks for pointing that out. I’ll be sure to give that another go when the prof’s arrive to solve this problem :). I’m currently in the same boat of fully switching to Linux from Windows.


You might want to reconsider your title heading next time. I almost didn’t even click on it because it gives no information of your problem. What graphics card do you have?

I took your advice and made a new thread
Very Slow Movement problem regarding WINE and a very OLDgame - openSUSE Forums

To Admins: Sorry for double posting, you can lock or delete this thread (leave new one plzz, thanks)