How do I fix hibernate?

Hibernate was not
working in my opensuse
I am unable to hibernate my
system. How to rectify this issue? Is
there any config file which I need to
change for hibernate to function

Hibernation is an unsolved issue in Linux. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Do you speak about a laptop or desktop computer?

Do you you have enough swap space, approximately equal to or greater than 1.5*RAM?

Do you have one or more swap partitions?

My system is laptop hp
My ram is 6 gig
My swap is 2 gig and enable and mount.

The first that I was working opensuse installation
But after a while it does not work.
How to fix?
#sorry for my bad english.

It may be too small. During hibernation it needs to write out content of memory to hard disk (swap by default).

How to fix?

Start with telling what does not work. You cannot hibernate? If yes, what exactly the problem is - no permissions to execute hibernate, or system tries hibernate but does not complete. Or you cannot resume after hibernation?

As a first move, expand the swap space. This will likely lead to repartitioning of the hard drive, and may need a reinstallation of the OS.
I suggest swap’s size 8-10 GB. There may be smarter ways to expand swap, for example, create a second swap space. While in theory the whole swap = 1st swap + 2nd swap, I have seen this implemented badly. So, in a problematic case, it is better to have one swap partition.

For testing purposes, you can squeeze the last partition on the disk, add a new swap partition, disable the old swap space.

While not exactly true, I believe that the swap must at least be able to hold the whole RAM, and often more.

Deleted old swap and create new swap 8 gig and enable and mount but not working

each time I run hibernate after 30 seconds. show lock screen
and restarting the system not show menu grub and start system I must again restart system until show menu grub.
I think. system can’t write on the swap
system tries hibernate but does not

Actually this is normal during hibernate. It sets next boot to current menu entry, and grub skips menu in this case. It is probably needed to undo this when hibernation fails. For this bug report would be needed.

After you created new swap, did you also change resume=xxx kernel parameter to point to new swap device and rebooted?

Ater reboot

Yes ,Show fails and resume …
Very fast skip screen not complete show screen

Try to hibernate and then upload output of “journalctl -b” to