How do I find a package which hasn't made it to the update repository?

I think I’m running into Bug 574707. The last post to that bug was on 2010/07/07 where it was indicated it’s fixed in yast2-dirinstall-2.19.0, but the latest version I can find appears to be 2.18.0-5.2 (11.3 oss repository.) Is there a way to get this newer version, or at least some way to get a timeline as to how such releases make it to the point where they can be acquired? Thanks!

The one in factory is 2.19.0-1.1 at

I think it might take quite some time for the package from factory to move into updates - may be after enough testing…

You do not tell which version of openSUSE you use. But whichever, the Update repo only gets fed with Security and Recommended updates, keeping the openSUSE level as much as it is released as possible (for stability reasons). That means that other updates then Security or Recommened (patching realy nasty errors) will only be released with the next level of openSUSE.

When you want to have it earlier on your present openSUSE, you can of course try to find if it is in Factory, and take the risks usinng Factory brings.