How do I eliminate redundant menu items created from installing multiple DE's (KDE,LXDE,XFCE)?

OK, I installed openSuSE 13.1 a few days ago with a KDE desktop.
I found the KDE to be a burden on my system, and with help, I installed LXDE & XFCE to see which DE I ultimately want to go with, and also to help my wife transition over to Linux by having her try out each of the DE’s.

The issue is this:
When I select any 1 of the DE’s at login, nearly ALL of the menu items from all 3 DE’s merge into each other, creating multiple redundancies. (Konsole, LXTerminal, XFCE terminal / 3 email clients / 3 file managers, and scariest yet… 3 software managers).

I thought each DE would show separate and discrete menus. Is this not the case?

I would really like each DE to show only the menu items associated with it.
I’m a little gun shy to run a critical program (like a software manager) in any one DE that’s clearly meant for another.

What can I do about this? Any ideas?


Does not work that way, programs in most cases are installed to the system. So you see what is installed in the system in each of the DE. Programs are not installed to a DE. In some case programs can be installed to a given user so only that user will see them.

In geneeral programs can be run in any DE so that is not an issue

On 2013-12-15 02:16, brickheap wrote:
> I would really like each DE to show only the menu items associated with
> it.

I understand there is only one menu common to all. Or rather the
equivalent of a master copy that is replicated to each desktop. Entries
should not be repeated.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 12.3 x86_64 “Dartmouth” at Telcontar)


So, if I remove KDE (through “Patterns” in the software manager) then all the KDE programs will disappear and leave me with just the LXDE & XFCE programs in the menus.

And, much like the Windows programs that automatically install globally for all users, so will the DE files.

Got it.