How do I eliminate connection between Network Manager and kwallet for WPA2 APs in Plasma 5

If this is the wrong forum, please let me know.

In previous versions of the KDE desktop, I’ve been able to (sometimes after considerable searching) setup Network Manager to use plain-text strings for the WPA2 pass-phrases for the various APs I will connect to during the course of time.

If I set up a connection to an AP to automatically connect, I want it to automatically connect. I don’t want to have to login to a password manager.

I’ve looked all over in Desktop Settings, Network Manager configuration, and YAST Sysconfig, but I haven’t found anything that looks remotely promising.

Note that I don’t have anything against KWallet, per se. I frequently use it when logging i to remote desktops. I just don’t want it involved with Network Manager.


KDE’s NetworkManager frontend (plasma-nm) only supports storing the credentials in KWallet. Earlier versions allowed them to be stored as plaintext in the config file, but that “feature” has been removed.

To not have to enter a password for KWallet, there are basically two options:

  • set an empty password for your wallet
  • use pam_kwallet(5) to automatically unlock the wallet on login, but I never tried that myself

Or setup the connection as “system connection” (i.e. activate the option “Allow other users to connect” in the connection editor), the password will be saved system-wide by NetworkManager itself then.

Thank you.

I set up an AP connection as a “system connection” and NetworkManager now makes the connection automatically, just like I wanted. (even after reboot)

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