How do I edit the LXQT menu?

How do I edit the LXQT menu? There are misc junk icons present. For instance, I just uninstalled OpenOffice, but the icons are still in the menu.

Alternately, how to I change out to an editable menu? I like the simplicity of the LXQT menu, but if it can’t be cleaned, am open to change. Any suggestions as to which one?

anyone know?

  1. right click on the ‘Start’ button (bottom left)
  2. choose ‘Configure Panel’
  3. choose ‘Widgets’
  4. choose ‘Application Menu’
  5. press the ‘Configure’ button

You will see a menu field with:

I just found it so I can’t tell you much more than that… ;-]

When I uninstall a package with zypper or yast it removes the menu entries.

Tumbleweed / LXQt 0.10.0

The above may be an improvement over what is done in LXDE.

You may be interested in looking at what I wrote about creating a menu item for LXDE,
NOTE that the most common 3rd party tool used for configuring LXDE in other distros will not work and will CORRUPT your menus, on openSUSE the procedure I describe should be used.


Thank you both.

Thank you for the suggestions, however unfortunately those are only the file structure configuration files. There are no actual applications identified in any of the files, only categories.

Yours will take a bit longer to dig through.

The specific problem I have is a program that has been unistalled still shows in the menu. Specifically Open Office Suite. So there are about 7 slots showing that shouldn’t be there. Any idea of where those configs would be located?

Do you have the LibreOffice desktop configuration files in /usr/share/applications ?