How do I edit a post if I realize that I made a mistake?

Somehow, I cannot seem to find the edit button.

Where is it located?

You can only edit about 5 - 10 mins after you send the post off.
After that you have to add a new post to the thread to add further information.

This is to give you some chance to correct a typo immediatly after you have posted (but you should have checked your post with the Preview).

On the other hand, we do not want a post to be changed after further posts are added to a thread. This could make the whole sequence of the discussion become a ununderstandable mess.

BTW, this is clearly a question about the functioning of the forums and as such should have been started in Forums Feedback > How to use the forums. And indeed, you wil find there a sticky thread at the top which exactly answers your question :wink:

That’s what I keep telling myself… as I hit the edit button. I think sometimes the typos occur in the trip from my computer to the forum. lol!


They pop in there when all those spy agencies around the world scan it.:wink: