How do I download older copies of Suse?

I have a very old Pentium 2 computer that I need an old copy of Suse for. I need Suse 7 or 8, or maybe even 9 will run on this old computer. Where can I find them for download from Novell?

I should clarify. I couldn’t find the “edit” button, so I’ll have to make another post. I realize that newer versions of Suse may run just as well on the older hardware. However, I also want to collect the older versions for nostalgia as well. I managed to find versions 9.2 and 9.3 on torrent sites, but couldn’t find anything older than that.

I hope you don’t intend to put that machine on the Internet because the software there would have lots of bugs.

Maybe old-timers would offer to send you copies of their old distros. But surely it’s much more attractive if you have the cardboard box rather than just a copy of the CDs/floppies. And as far as I know there isn’t any physical object replicator yet. :slight_smile: I wish I had kept the old S.u.S.E boxset they sent me for being a FLOSS author. :frowning:

Thanks for your reply. I did intend to use this on the old laptop, which has a wireless pcmcia card that I’d use to connect to the internet at the local Starbucks and such. I’m not sure whether the old software would pose a security risk for me or not.

Well one problem might be the wireless NIC support in older versions of SUSE. Then also you wouldn’t have the latest browsers. You couldn’t use FF3 for example, because it would use recent libraries, e.g. libgtk2. So it might be frustrating if not slightly hazardous.

If you don’t have say 256MB, which I regard as the bare minimum for KDE in 11.0. maybe some other small distro might work, Puppy Linux, Slitaz, DSL, and so forth.

Good call. It only has 128 MB of ram, so I might have to use Pupply Linux instead. Or, I might be able to get away with using a modern version of Suse 11.0 if I install a custom kernel, strip out unneeded programs, and use fluxbox.

The biggest gain you would get is by not running an X environment. But then viewing web pages with w3m, lynx or links isn’t much fun. :frowning:

FF is quite a memory hog. Maybe some other browser like Konq, or Opera might have a lighter footprint, maybe those who know can post.

True, FF does use a bit of memory. One thing I noticed though, is that today’s computer hardware is so advanced, that even the cheap stuff is enough for free software users to run just about anything they need. I just happen to have a very old laptop that I got for just $100. In a few years though, today’s $400 laptops will be going for $100 on ebay, and they’ll be powerful enough to run all modern free software distros without any worry. Technology is advancing such that hardware requirements may not be an issue in the future for people like me who like to buy cheap computers and breathe new life into them with free software.

I downloaded the Suse 9.2 Live DVD. It comes with KDE 3.3. Interesting!](

I agree with ken-yap

Puppy or DSL

I understand the nostalgia. But there are plent of light distro’s. You could always import the look and feel of Suse to some extent.

I have a SuSE 9.1 Personal original box set complete with manual, which I am happy to part with. Contact me if you are interested.

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I just bought a newer laptop on ebay. It was only $84, and it has a 700 MHz P3 CPU, 512 ram, and 20 GB drive. It looks like it was well taken care of too. I’ll get rid of my older laptop when this one arrives. Someone was telling me that Pentium 3s are faster than Pentium 4s for single tasks, but 4s are better at multitasking. I don’t know how accurate that information is.