How do I donate? I can't figure it out

I want to donate money to Novell. I found their website here:
Contacts & Offices

And their address–do I send donations to this address? Also, should I just make the check out to Novell?

(U.S. Corporate Office Address)
Novell, Inc.
404 Wyman Street
Waltham, MA 02451

Any help would be much appreciated.

I too would like to know this (information about donating)… I don’t know about Novell, but at least information for donating to any (open)SUSE or non-supported(-enough?)-by-Novell parts of mainstream (open)SUSE development teams/hardware.

Not sure they do in that sense perhaps the shop would be a way if buying the software isn’t desired. The openSUSE Shop

You could buy a boxed set if you think that will help. But I’m sure you can find some projects that you like on OpenSUSE that are worth donating to, some KDE or GNOME stuff maybe.

Thanks for the info!