how do I disable smileys?

There is supposed to be a radio button to toggle smileys on/off when I post, but I can’t see it.

Can I toggle any of these:

BB code is On
Smilies are On
code is On
HTML code is Off
Trackbacks are On
Pingbacks are On
Refbacks are On

I see from the “quick” reply that its not that easily done.

What exactly are you trying to do? Smilies are enabled per usergroup/forum, not per individual. The list of what is enabled/disabled you posted just displays your rights in a particular forum. Smilies aren’t available in the “Quick Reply”. If you want to use smilies while in the quick reply mode click on the ADVANCED button to bring up the entire reply dialog box.

I am trying not to use smilies. When answering a post, I tried to mention the “about:plugins”(the smiley should be a “:” and letter “p”) URL as a means of listing the installed plugins for that member’s particular browser. As you can see the smiley in the middle of the quotes might confuse him.
Nice avatar, by the way!

If you click on the REPLY then the GO ADVANCED button, I believe it will work if you put it within the CODE tags (the pound sign link at the top of the reply box). Lemme test it:



Basically, ANYTHING you want to display exactly as you typed it should go in CODE tags

I do not see a “Go Advanced” button. If I edit this reply after posting it, I see a “Go Advanced” button. Are you referring to BB code? If so, which kind? If not please give us an example.

If you are using the default skin, at the bottom right of every message there is a REPLY button. Clicking on that will take you to the quick reply field at the bottom of the message list. Under that dialog box you have two selections:


It’s that GO ADVANCED button I’m talking about.:nerd:

I am using the default openSUSE skin. There is no Reply button in Firefox. There is only a Quote button. This could be because I am running 32 bit Firefox from an extracted tarball I downloaded from Mozilla so I can have both flash and java plugins. There is a Reply button next to the Quote button in Konqueror4.1.1, but it does nothing when I click it. I have both java and javascript enabled in Konqueror. So now I’ve installed Epiphany. It has both the Reply and the Quote buttons and the Reply button works. Now I see the Go Advanced button and it works. What I do not now see is the “pound sign” above the reply box. This skin business seems to be browser specific.

Just an aside:

The hash mark above the number 3 on a US keyboard is called a pound sign because that is what is above the number 3 on an English keyboard. The pound sign or that letter “L” with a couple of lines crossing it, to represent the English currency.

I changed my options for Message Editor Interface in my User Control panel to Enhanced Interface and now I see the hash mark.


Thanks for your patience, kgroneman

> Code:
> --------------------
> :slight_smile:
> --------------------
> :slight_smile:

both of which comes across here (when viewed in thunderbird/nntp) as
a graphical smiley…

BUT Tbird used to not do that, until i found a switch at
Edit > Preferences > Display > Formatting
and placed a check mark in “Display emoticons as graphics”

however, i reckon few nntp users will get confused by that…

see caveat:
DenverD (Linux Counter 282315) via NNTP, Thunderbird, KDE
3.5.7, SUSE Linux 10.3, #1 SMP i686 athlon