How do I diagnose a lockup?

I leave my computer running at all times so that boinc works on cancer related research. Also, I like the computer to be instantly available whenever I want. Lately, when I try to use the pc in the morning, it is usually locked up. The keyboard and mouse do not respond. To get control back, I have to do a hard reset with the power button. Even pressing the power button does not always get a response. I once had to pull the plug.

I suspect boinc, but would like to find a way to diagnose the issue. If the keyboard and mouse don’t respond, what message will survive a reboot?

dmesg is what you should look at, and journalctl

Hardware problem possibly, not personally came across a case of a hard reset failing… (Although I suppose it could be a dodgy reset switch).

I suspect boinc,

A long time since I ran boinc, but does it not write a log file: “boinc.log” (or something very similar) in /var/log - maybe take a look there also.

Also, try disabling Boinc and still leave the machine on overnight a few times to see if it continues happen.

Is the keyboard a USB one? If so could be sleeping… unplug and replug in a different port…

Else disable the screen saver etc and leave a terminal running with sensors being watched;

watch -n 30 sensors

Make a note of the temperatures etc, then just turn off the monitor for the evening rather than letting it sleep… then check in the morning…

You can run the following command which displays your previous bootlog in reverse order so that the last entry before you restarted your machine is listed first. Of course, you can specify an earlier session by incrementing the number

journalctl -rb -1


Switched to Tumbleweed and lockup has not happened since. Will use these tips if it starts acting up again.

Thanks for your help!