How do I delete protected files?

Hi, How do I delete a write protected file? Its in my trash and I have this error appear when I right click then delete - Error removing file: Permission denied
owner says its me…adam

Type of folder - folder (inode/directory)
Error removing file: Permission denied

Is there a way to delete this? Can you please help, as it would be good to free up my suse. Also, I’m a beginner with terminal, if I need to enter something please step by step.

I’m using opensuse 11.1 Gnome

Hi. First of all i apologize if something i will write could be wrong. My experience in the gnome desktop is based on Ubuntu, with opensuse i prefer Kde. Open a terminal and login as root using the command su then hit enter and give the admin password.
Now navigate to the user home: cd /home/<username>. Enter the hidden directory .local: cd . local
then enter the trashes folder: cd trashes. Now a warning: i don’t remember if the name is trashes or Trashes so try the both in case of error. When you are in to this let’s delete the files: rm *
If the folder contains directories it’s better to use rm -R *
Hope this helps

I suppose your File Manager does allow you to undo the write protection. So do this first and remove then.