How Do I Define Interfaces with Yast Firewall When Network Manager is Used

Running 13.2 64 bit on machine with one wired lan connection managed by NetworkManager. I am having difficulty configuring firewall using Yast because I cannot work out how to define the interface. If I use the name of the adapter as shown in NetworkManager the firewall describes it as an unknown interface. ( Dont have this problem with Wicked). Is there a wiki somwhere to help me set up the firewall please?

My experience is that the firewall works anyway. It seems to apply firewall rules to unknown interfaces.

You can switch to using “wicked”, and configure the interfaces there. Then switch back to NetworkManager. I think the firewall is just looking at the definition files in “/etc/sysconfig/network”.

You have to describe whether you’re asking about configuring the SUSE FW running in the Guest or the Host.

If you’re talking about the Host,
you should know that any configuration will filter traffic to all Guests on the Host… So, typically filtering is minimal, only enough to barely protect both Host and all Guests. This is also why it’s highly recommended to install a very minimal Host system to decrease the attack surface… You don’t have to create a FW rule to block traffic to a non-existent network service. So, in a Production environment your Host should be either a text-only “Server” or at most with the “Minimal X” configuration which is the IceWM environment.

If you’re talking about the Guest,
you should be configured only with a generic wired ethernet connection regardless what kind of physical networking may exist. Turn on SUSE FW and configure as usual based on what network services are running in that Guest.

You should not have to be dealing with anything close to what might be called “unknown interfaces.”