How do i debug Wicked and other networking tools??

i am recently finding that my wifi network spontaneously disconnects from the network. as a est i perform the ping command that pings the modem router and it gives me the error:

unreachable host. how do i go about stopping this from happening? it is anoying

You can keep a watch on the wicked.service logging in a terminal window with

sudo journalctl -fu wicked

When it next drops, examine the output for relevant information.

What wireless hardware device is in use?

/usr/sbin/hwinfo --wlan

Check the link quality and received signal level etc…


For continuous monitoring, do

watch /usr/sbin/iwconfig

You should know that when you post output like your error, you should wrap that text in

 tags which can be done easily with the hash (#) button in your web-based editor.

"Unreachable host" generally means that your network adapter is not does not have working network settings,
So you need to verify your networking is working with the following command

systemctl status network

then run the following command which will display your network settings

ip addr

Assuming that your network service is running fine,
You should consideryour wireless Access Point is powered on and functioning properly,
then whether your wireless connection iworking and configured properly.

Assumes that your wireless adapter is configured as a DHCP client which would be the case probably overy 99% of the time.