How Do I Create Album Directory with K3b

I am trying out various CD rippers and find that K3b only rips track to files, it does not create an album directory in the same manner as Asunder. Is there any way I may add this facility?

I tried it recently, and it created a subdirectory for the mp3 files in the directory “Music”. I forget if I created that directory and chose it, though. I have a shorter memory these days. It also created a playlist (.m3u file) in the “Music” directory. I would then move the playlist and subdirectory to my “mp3” directory.

I hope I worded that correctly, I sometimes confuse people lol!

By the way, in the settings for the Lame MP3 encoder, I added this to get 256kb/s instead of the default 128k:

-b 256

I notice some distortion at 128k, even with my diminished hearing.

I had to rip another CD to remember this stuff:

  • Click “Start Ripping”

  • In the Settings tab, selected “Mp3 (Lame)”, assuming you want Mp3

  • The button to the right of the encoder selection is the “Configure Plugin” button. Here you can select “Mp3 (Lame)” if you use it, click the Edit button, and add -b 256
    (I made it the first argument in the command line) to get 256kb/s for better sound quality.

  • Check the box “Create m3u playlist”, then the “Use relative paths” box.

  • In the File Naming tab, check “Replace all blanks with” and use the “_” selection shown, in case spaces cause problems for your media player

I noticed that all these steps except for setting “-b 256” have to be repeated for each rip. I haven’t had time to check, but hopefully there’s a place to set those as the default.

Hi and thanks for the reply. I am ripping classical CDs to flac so don’t use mp3. Also don’t use playlists as I work on the tagging and then do all lookups by filtering on tags. I envy you your discriminatory hearing ability. I am glad I still get stereo!
Whatever I do I cannot get K3b to create the album directory. Can you confirm your setup does this please?

Use the “Target Folder” setting for the first part of the directory structure.

For example: ‘/home/username/Music’

Then use the “%T” (Album Title) variable in the “File Naming” “Ripped files pattern” to set the remainder.

For example: ‘Albums/%T/%n - %t - %a’

The ripped tracks will then be saved as:

‘/home/username/Music/Albums/album title/track number - title - artist’

Obviously you will set the variables as you require them… (The example given is the one I normally use).

I just ripped a CD to FLAC. I checked the box for creating a playlist so it would enable the checkbox for “Use relative paths”. That’s all I did, and it created a directory with the FLAC files. I assume “Use relative paths” is the thing that makes it work, but “Create m3u playlist” has to be checked first, to enable the other checkbox. This is only my assumption. The playlist can be deleted if you don’t need that. If Tannington’s suggestion is working for you, kindly disregard this.