How do I copy files to a floppy disk?

I cannot copy files to a floppy disk because access denied.

You may have to mount the floppy first:

sudo mount /dev/fd0 /media/floppy

I still get Access denied.

If it’s a DOS floppy, it’s easier to use the mtools programs, no mounting required. First install mtools from YaST or zypper. (# means command done as superuser.)

# zypper in mtools
(edit /etc/groups and add yourself to the floppy group, then logout and login)
$ groups
(should show floppy as one of the groups you belong to)
$ mdir a:
$ mcopy somefile.txt a:

and so forth.

Using mtools is not easier for me, I am used to drag and drop.

I created a floppy shortcut in Dolphin but the shortcut is incorrect. It displays a question mark.
The shortcut file says:

[Desktop Entry]

It seems the icons could not be found.

When you plug in a floppy, do you get a message from the device notifier?

If so, does the floppy appear as /media/disk ?

If it does, what are its permissions?

Mine show read/write for the user.

But I am using Konqueror. So, if all the above are the same, go to System settings>Web browser>File manager and try again with Konqueror

I do not get a message from the device notifier when I put a floppy into the drive (you do not plug a floppy disk in, although you close the gate on a 5¼″ drive for true floppy disks, which I do not have). When I mount the floppy drive using the Places panel, I end up in /media/disk; however, the volume is read-only so I cannot copy anything to it. The permissions are rwxr–r-- even after sudo mount; I doubt Konqueror would do any better.

I also think the 3floppy_mount thing is a misconfiguration in KDE templates; this name belongs to KDE3 icon set.

You might need to create a custom udev rule to get user r/w access for your floppy device, or it might be a simple matter of adding the relevant user to the appropriate group (disk group perhaps?)

I’m guessing (I don’t have any floppy hardware since around 2001) that your device will have ownership similar to this

ls -l /dev/fd0
brw-rw----+ 1 root disk

See if this thread helps.

In the permissions for /media/disk, I have ‘user’ as a member of the ‘root’ group. I cannot see a way of adding a ‘user’ to the ‘root’ group in YaST; so you would also need to change the permissions, probably via the command line.

There is a floppy group you should use. disk is a dangerous group to add the user to. They get access to the raw disk and could wipe things out without care.

There is a floppy group you should use. disk is a dangerous group to add the user to. They get access to the raw disk and could wipe things out without care.
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That makes sense. I’m assuming that the OP would still have to add a custom rule to udev to make sure the floppy device node has r/w access for this ‘floppy’ group. I don’ have floppy disk hardware to test/verify this.

The link to a thread I included in my previous post mentions

The following rule changes the group and permissions of devices with a subsystem name of “block” - including the /dev/fd0 device.

SUBSYSTEM==“block”, GROUP=“disk”, MODE=“0640”

Adding the line to the rules system:

KERNEL==“fd[0-9]*”, GROUP:=“floppy”, MODE:=“0660”

will change the group and allow group members to format the fd0 device. Then use YAST user manager to add individuals to the group floppy. The group floppy is pre-installed in the system, and appears to be preferred over disk, since disk is a security risk giving members access to many critical devices. If you wish to give all users access to the floppy, change the MODE value to 0666 and remove the GROUP item. This will allow the program gfloppy to format the floppy, but kfloppy will not work since the attributes of the fd0uxxx devices are not changed.

When I drop things onto the icon PC Floppy Disk in Dolphin and the floppy disk is not mounted, everything goes to /media/floppy instead, with no error message. I would expect Dolphin to try to mount the floppy disk in answer to drop action.