How do I connect to internet where I don't have the smpppd package ?

I am using Suse 12.1 installed recently. I want to configure internet vis DSL, the thing is I didn’t install the smpppd package, and the internet configuration look it up on the internet, but as I don’t have internet configured… I don’t know how to solve this

any ideas ?



Insert the DVD or CD and install from that, it should still be an active repository in the repository list. If it’s still asking to access the internet, just temporarily disable the online repositories.

Ok. How do I disable the online repository ?

And the suse don’t seems to read the cd at all. Maybe bcause it looks only in the internet.

IS there a place that I configure to read suse from the cd? I don’t installed it from cd, I installed from an iso image from windows. But the cd is buned.

hope you understand all this.


firts of all I need how to diable online repository
2nd: How to read packages from cd and no from other site



Yast > Software > Repositories. There you can disable and enable the different entries you see.

I did it. I disable all repositories. The problem now is that suse doesn’t want to read the installation cd!
Maybe I’ll try from a pen drive ! But… suse is not recognizing any cd’s installation, data or music… no matter the content, suse does not recognize it.

How can I solve the smpppd pakage problem ?
Is there something happening with the cd drive ? (e.g. hardware conflict ?)

To be sure, you dit not disable (or enabled when it was disabled) the dvd one?

Well, I am with you when you think the reader must be able to read any other correct cd/dvd.
When you enter a cd/dvd, did you check the end of


for any loging there?

BTW, in your sinature you say that you try to install linux on one partition. This must be wong. An openSUSE install by default uses three partitions.

Result of dmesg command:

dmesg result:

resultado_dmesg - - online file sharing and storage - download - Agustin Guasch

any help ? I am totally lost ! :frowning: