How do I configure phonon's xine backend?

I have installed smplayer, and configured it to use the

xv (ATI TexturedVideo)

video output. This gives me accelerated video, with compositing, that doesn’t turn into a blue window when I move it around.
The “xv” and “xv ATI Overlay” outputs give me accelerated video but a blue square when moving the window

Kaffeine (and dolphin’s video preview) seem to use phonon’s xine backend, and I can’t find out what video output it uses. I’m guessing its plain old xv as it seems accelerated but turnes into a blue square when I move the window.

How do I tell the xine backend to use the same vo as smplayer?

OS 11.2 64 bit, KDE 4.4.4 (Factory)

(ps: I have a ‘legacy’ ATI graphics chip, xpress 200M working with the opensource radeon driver, which is brilliant btw).

As far as I can tell, you can adjust the xine parameters using the xine-ui program, which is also a DVD player you can install or, you can install Kaffeine:KDE3 which also provides a more reliable way to adjust the xine settings. I prefer the latter method, but you will end up with two versions of Kaffeine loaded to do this. This is not a problem either under openSUSE 11.2, but you should add the KDE3 repositories to your installation.

Thank You,

I always install “xine-ui” to tune xine. Then when running xine under its settings/preferences, be certain to select ‘master of the known universe’ (or something like that) and then restart xine for that to have effect, giving one the necessary permissions to change things.