How do I change the wallpaper on 12.1 / KDE?

Silly question, but I can’t seem to find any way to change the desktop background on my new 12.1 / KDE installation. The green screen is driving me crazy. Help!

Right Click on your desktop and select the bottom option. Mine says Folder View Settings, but it depend on the type of desktop that you are using. Select View on the Left and then the Wallpaper Image from what is shown. When you download a new wallpaper, a folder will be created at /home/yourname/.kde4/share/wallpapers/ which is a hidden folder, but you can add more there manually if you wish. I elect to download a few which creates the folder and then copy anything else I want there. You must enable the display of hidden folders in Dolphin to see anything that starts with a “.” like .kde4.

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Thanks, I feel really silly for not finding this myself. “Folder View Settings” is perhaps not the most obvious name…

Yes, I agree that some things require a right click of your mouse while others can be found in Personnel Settings and in many cases, settings can be found in more than one place. No need to feel silly, no one here was born with this knowledge and you can ask for help or stumble across it, so ask all the silly questions that you wish as we are here to help.

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