How do I change the DNS Number and Alternate DNS Number ?

Okay, I just installed Open Suse 11. Yes! In Windows XP, I had to change my
DNS Server number to and the alternate DNS Server number to in
my internet protocol tcp/ip network connection properties. Why? I had to work
around my dsl modem to access my internet through my D-Link router because
the DSL model has my username and password stored and I don’t remember
what they are. I set it up and never used their included browser software because
I prefer firefox instead.

Question? How do I change my DNS Server number and my DNS Alternate Server
number in Open Suse 11?

In Windows you right click on your network connections and then choose properties and
select the internet protocol tcp/ip network and choose properties to change the numbers.
It’s all very easy and I’m sure it must be just as easy in Open Suse 11 but I am a newbie
and need detailed help. Step 1-6 or however many steps there are to do this in Opensuse. Open Suse tells me
that my network in online but I can’t access the internet
because my DSL Modem won’t allow me access. The D-Link
tech people helped me work around the stored username and
password and that is why I had to change my DNS number and the alterante DNS number in the network connection properties.

Thanks and appreciate any help possible.



You do that in the file /etc/resolv.conf.

Or, via Yast, doing:
Yast -> Network Services -> DNS and hostname.


Thanks for the information but I need more detailed help. I followed your instructions to
enter Yast but since it doesn’t even closely resemble the window found in xp’s network
connections, I was lost.

I had no idea where to find file /etc/resolv.conf.

If you could give more detailed steps it would be helpful.

In Windows XP I type in for my DNS Server and for my alternate DNS Server.

I just right click network connections and go to the internet protocol and select properties and
change it there.

Yes, I’m new to Linux so please be patient with me. I was expecting things to be vastly
different and a steep learning curve to take place.

I don’t know what the host name is,what the domain name
is or what my IP address is. I just need to know where
I type in the dns server number and what the dns server
number is called in Opensuse and what the alternate server number is called in Opensuse.

In windows it looks like this:

DNS Server (

Alternate Server (

The above information is the only thing I know. So keep it simple if anyone can help me out.



Hi Chris,

In this case the preferred method would be to use YaST.

Open YaST > Network Settings

You have 4 Tabs there (Global, Overview, Hostname/DNS & Routing)
Hit the Hostname/DNS tab.

If the setting ’ update DNS via DHCP ’ is ticked, untick it so you are able to set the settings manually.

In option Name server 1 enter & in Name Server 2 enter (specific for your situation)

The Domain Search field should contain your local dns network name(s) and is optional.

Save this by hitting Finish and you should have those settings set.

If the DNS servers ever change or you bring your PC in a different network remember those settings probably need te be changed since you have set it manually.

Added note: the /etc/resolv.conf is your name resolving configuration file and can be found in the folder /etc (just browse to it using the file manager).
This file is read only as user and you will need to get root rights by elevating to root using ’ su - '. But that is another story and not needed if using YaST :wink:

/etc holds most configuration files found on Linux.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the great support and thanks for being very
patient with a Linux rookie. I will try it today and post
my results later today or on Friday.