how do i change the boot order on the GRUB screen??!?!

whenever i open my laptop the order of the list goes from


how do i get that to be

Windows (i just want windows first dont care about the rest)

im using vista so what would i need to edit? the timer makes me made and sometimes i miss it and it boots into opensuse i want it to go to windows

Let it boot into OpenSuse. On the “start” menu, select System -> Yast (Administrator Settings). When the Yast window opens, select “System,” then click “Boot Loader” to the right.

When the boot loader config opens, use your mouse to click on the “Windows” entry, then simply click the “Set As Default” button down to the lower right.

Click “OK” to save the changes. Now the next time you boot, Windows will be the default.

And adding to this, when you also want to see Windows as the topmost entry, use the Up/Down buttons at right.

exactly as they said but sometimes it doesnt work so you might have to do it twice:)

Black magic? :open_mouth:

ty sir :wink:

and it was perfect by just making it default :wink: now i can go do something else while my comp loads