How do I change the boot loader to boot from a RAID1 pair?

opensuse 11.4 or 12.3

Let’s say I have created and formatted a RAID1 pair with 3 partitions (swap, /, /home), and copied the data from the old system disk to the RAID.

How do I indicate that the system should boot from the RAID?

Does GRUB point to one of the physical disks /dev/sdaX, or to the RAID device, /dev/mdX? Should it use UUID or Device-by-id?

Nobody knows! :frowning:

I can say from experience that having the RAID disk ID as a boot target is not a solution. Apparently the boot loader does not know about RAID arrays at that point. I guess mdadm is not running; I rather suspected that would be the case. Would have been nice if the Boot Loader had understood that.

So. I suppose setting one of the RAID disks IDs as the target is a possibility. The Boot Loader only offers the /dev/sdX form, though, not the /dev/disk/by-id/ form.

Then there is the whole <> mystery: Do I have to manually update it? Boot Loader does not seem to do anything there.