How do I change my email address?

I signed up using my university email account. I went in and changed it to my gmail account, but all my notifications still go to my University account. It says my gmail address is verified. Am I doing this wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Use the User Control Panel link to go to There is an option to change email address on that page.

Thats where I went. It says my gmail address, and it says verified. But the email is actually going to my university address.

Then I would say you have stumbled across a bug. When you follow the link it goes to a novell logon, and I think your logon here is valid across a lot of novell. So I would say that the opensuse forums database is not being synched with the novell version. That’s a bug.

I think so. It does take me to a Novell login page. Where do I report this?

I would use the ‘contact us’ link at the bottom of this page, takes you to

Hey wgcrowder:

I checked your profile and your only address is listed as your gmail
address. What “notifications” are being sent to your old address?

Kim (2/17/2009 10:41:52 AM Mountain)

I have the exact same problem with my email address. I’ve just used the ‘contact us’ link so let’s see what happens.